This event went off this morning (2/19/2014) with about 22 hikers, led by Kai, who knows all sorts of interesting things (such as why the Ledges built those houses in a very conspicuous place when they said they wouldn’t, and why The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge is now called Movara Fitness Resort). It was a perfect day and the views were spectacular.

This is a must do hike. And after you have done that, you could go back and hike north on the trail toward the north entrance to the park. Of course, that assumes that you have brought enough water and maybe some extra calories. Whatever you do, bring your camera!If you want to hike that stretch, and you really should, drive to the Snow Canyon Overlook on Rte 18–a bit past the Ledges. Park at the overlook and walk back to the bike path. Turn south, toward St. George, and hike about 100 yards on that path.

As soon as the land becomes wide enough that you won’t tumble several hundred feet over the edge–well, most people wouldn’t, but my recent experiences suggest that maybe I would– the trail goes off to your right and you leave the bike path. The new trail continues to the South for quite a ways until the old trail goes off to your left back to the bike path. Don’t go that way unless you are tired. You can keep going or turn around at this point. It’s a great hike. If you keep going South, the next exit will be a step-over down about where the “bridge that never was” can be seen on 18.