Our motto – Do Some Good – Have Some Fun – reflects our vibrant organization. In our fifth year, we continue to promote good stewardship and a connection to Snow Canyon, this geologic wonder we all love.

Friends of Snow Canyon is proud of our progress these past five years. Check out some of our favorite accomplishments. With your support, we

  • Funded the Gila Trail extension
  • Funded the redesign, rerouting and construction of the Cinder Cone Trail
  • Funded the design and construction of informative wayside exhibits
  • Funded the design and printing of youth wilderness educational materials
  • Funded new visitor-friendly trail signage
  • Developed a new user-friendly website,
  • Created a colorful and educational website link to the Wildflowers of Snow Canyon
  • Implemented a new mobile-friendly membership software program for non-profits
  • Supported the park through hundreds of volunteer hours
  • Offered quality educational talks, hikes and social events for our members

In 2016, Friends of Snow Canyon in partnership with Snow Canyon State Park, revitalized and expanded its signature volunteer program – the Trail Stewards Program. In 2015, the Park received a staggering 350,000 annual visitors, but with a stagnant state park budget and limited personnel, the number of paid Park staff has not kept current with the increase in visitors.Trail Stewards help improve the park experience for all visitors. As goodwill ambassadors to the Park, Trail Stewards monitor, guide, instruct and generally foster a meaningful and safe experience in the park. The mere presence of Trail Stewards helps to deter vandalism largely in the form of “modern” graffiti etched into the stunning red rock formations, to deter “social” trails which damages the delicate cryptobiotic soil, and littering. While Trail Stewards engage visitors and maintain and monitor trails, Park staff has more time for important park management matters especially during peak visitation times. To date, we have recruited and trained 54 Trail Stewards.