Desert Globemallow

Sphaeralcea ambigua
Scout Cave Trail

Learn about the many beautiful wildflowers that grow in Washington County. Spring is when most of the flowers can be found, but others bloom well into the summer and a few into the fall. Keep your eyes open and use the pages linked from this page to find images that most closely match what you are observing. Blooms have been arranged by colors. Remember some can be very small, others have a very short life span and the intensity of their color decreases quite rapidly. All flowers on this page have been photographed in the Park or the Reserve, but are found many other places as well.

If you see a flower that you do not see on this page, please snap a picture and email to friendsofsnowcanyon@gmail.com  Provide the flower name (if you think you know it) and the location where photographed.

Now have some fun and see how many flowers below you can identify and/or remember seeing. To get started click on the color range of the flower you are looking at. Remember some flowers may lose color as they mature. You may have to look in more than one color category. To get started click on one of the three color ranges listed below to explore and learn about these wonderful wildflowers.


Wildflowers – Shades of yellow, orange and red click Here

Wildflowers– Shades of white and cream click Here

 Wildflowers- Shades of pink, purple and blue click Here



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