New to our website – CORE PLANTS

Learn about the Core Plants of Snow Canyon State Park.  This new page has images of many of the plants that you will find within the park. You can look at a photo and compare with what you see as you hike, walk or drive around. Clicking on the image will connect you with plant notes with loads of interesting information about the plant. If you already think you know about a plant (trees are included) you can go directly to our Core Plants Index to access the plant note with information about the plant you have selected.  Have fun and enjoy learning about the Core Plants and how they survive and thrive in this desert environment.


Indigo Bush

Psorothamnus fremontii
Scout Cave trail

The Wildflowers are blooming! They do not last too long, try a hike or walk to see how many you can see. Right now on the Toe Trail  there are some nice Indigo Bushes and further to the West some Globemallow in bloom. Be sure to check out our new Wildflower Pages.  Many new images have been added that with a “click” or finger tap will reveal both the common and Latin names.  The images are arranged in color groupings for ease in finding the one you may be looking for.  Soon you can become a wildflower expert. Have fun!

         The Tortoise Sculpture is coming soon.  Watch the latest video 

New video release  – Watch the sculptor as he creates the tortoise for the Tortoise Trail.  See the huge stone piece as it is about to be shipped to Utah and placed at the end of a new trail.

This new trail is called The Tortoise Trail. This short trail will feature educational wayside exhibits and culminate in a seating area centered around a large desert tortoise sculpture. This sculpture will be the highlight of the hike. The scheduled completion date for the project is in 2022. Financial support by The Friends of Snow Canyon has been essential to the completion of the sculpture and the trail.  We are grateful for the many donations we have received.  If you would like to make a new or additional donation, please click Donate .  It is exciting to follow the progress of this wonderful and educational project. Delivery of the sculpture to the park is expected to be by some time in June. Many thanks to the sculptor, Matthew Gray Palmer, for sharing the interesting videos of the sculpture in progress.

Earlier video of the sculpture taking shape