The Tortoise Sculpture 

The Tortoise Walk will be completed in the next few months. If you want to see how the wonderful sculpture was created check out this video. Click to Watch now.

Tortoise Sculpture

The Tortoise has arrived

This new destination is called The Tortoise Walk. This short walk will feature educational wayside exhibits and culminate in a seating area centered around a large desert tortoise sculpture. This sculpture will be the highlight of the hike. The scheduled completion date for the project is in 2022. Financial support by The Friends of Snow Canyon has been essential to the completion of the sculpture and the walkway leading to the sculpture.  We are grateful for the many donations we have received.  If you would like to make a new or additional donation, please click Donate .  It is exciting to follow the progress of this wonderful and educational project. Many thanks to the sculptor, Matthew Gray Palmer, for sharing the interesting videos of the sculpture in progress.

Earlier video of the sculpture taking shape