Friends of Snow Canyon State Park awarded a $12,000  Ironman Foundation Community Grant

Friends of Snow Canyon State Park has been awarded an Ironman Foundation  Community Grant in the amount of $12,000. The grant funds will be utilized to build a shade and picnic pavilion at the Chuckwalla Trailhead in the Paradise Canyon management unit of the Park.   The pavilion will be completed by February 2024. The structure will be completed using monies from an estate trust and Friends will be seeking other financial grants.

         The Tortoise Sculpture 

The Tortoise Walk is complete and available for your enjoyment.  Watch the arrival and placement of the sculpture,  click Here to open Utube video  Weighing in excess of 4000# uploading, positioning and lowering into place was quite a project. The process took over 2 hours. Enjoy this short video that captures many of the moments.

Tortoise Sculpture

The Tortoise has arrived

This short walk features educational wayside exhibits and culminates in a seating area centered around a large desert tortoise sculpture. Financial support by The Friends of Snow Canyon has been essential to the completion of the sculpture and the walkway leading to the sculpture.  We are grateful for the many donations we have received.  If you would like to make a new or additional donation to Friends of Snow Canyon, please click Donate. Many thanks to the sculptor, Matthew Gray Palmer, for sharing the interesting videos of the sculpture in progress.

Earlier video of the sculpture taking shape

New! Videos of our online presentations are now available for your viewing at your convenience. View recordings of our educational presentations now on YouTube. No password is needed and you can view in the YouTube app on your phone, computer or television. To view a listing of available listings on the Friends of Snow Canyon YouTube channel CLICK HERE.