The Board of Friends of Snow Canyon is a dedicated group of local residents who care about the park and want to help preserve, protect, and support it. Members serve two-year terms and can be reappointed for future terms. If you have an interest in serving on the board, please contact us at or make your interest known to a current board member.

Kristen Comella – Park Manager and Jordan Perez – Assistant Park Manager- serve as nonvoting members. At least one of the park managers attends each meeting.

Board meetings are open to the public.


Kathy Edwards
Kathy Edwards - moved to St. George from Ogden, Utah in 2017. She loves the outdoors and is an active cyclist and hiker. Kathy is looking forward to using her skills as a public relations and marketing professional, as well as a university educator, to help preserve and protect Snow Canyon. She is an enthusiastic trail steward in Snow Canyon State Park and Zion National Park. 
Dick Coe
Vice President
Dick Coe – Left the US Ski Team and snowy Park City for the stunning beauty of Southern Utah. My wife, Susie, and I are avid outdoors enthusiasts and Snow Canyon State Park provides endless hikes and vistas for us to enjoy. I joined the Trail Stewards program and spend as much time as I can assisting our “guests” and making sure the Park retains its pristine beauty. My recent background in non-profits and fundraising should help provide additional opportunities to the Friends.
Cori Mantle-Bromley
Cori Mantle-Bromley - I am very happy to join the Friends of Snow Canyon Board. I hope to bring to the Board my love of the outdoors and hiking, as well as skills developed as a teacher, university educator and administrator. Snow Canyon is such a jewel in our backyard. I hope to do my part to ensure that Snow Canyon remains beautiful for future generations. 
Linda Neff

Linda Neff - was hooked on Southern Utah after her first trip to the area over 15 years ago and was ecstatic to finally make the permanent move from Chicago to Ivins in 2012. She enjoys hiking, motorcycle riding, playing pickleball and waking up daily to our beautiful red mountains. Having worked the last 10 years prior to retirement in non-profit administration she is happy to use her skills in any way she can to preserve the beauty of this special place called Snow Canyon.

Jim Bily
Jim Bily – After a 40 year career managing commercial insurance company operations, Jim retired in 2013 and moved to the St. George area 3 years later. Since 1980, Jim and his family vacationed often in Zion and Southern Utah and always felt greater peace when visiting these special areas. Upon arrival in St. George, two of the first things he did was to volunteer as a trail steward for both Snow Canyon and Zion parks. Jim is an avid hiker, hitting the trails most days. He has served on the Boards of several other non-profits and hopes to use that experience, his business sense and his passion for the outdoors to help FOSC complete its mission.
Lori Capshaw

Lori Capshaw - was drawn to Snow Canyon after years of cycling and hiking through the park in anticipation of Ironman Triathlon races. After pursuing careers in event management, recruitment and most recently personal training, Lori settled in Ivins in view of Snow Canyon State Park. Having lived on Mount Tamalpais in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years, she has experienced the effect of explosive growth on national and state parks and is delighted to have the opportunity to work with others to preserve, protect and support Snow Canyon State Park.

Marcie Eberwine
Marcie Eberwine - Searching for a reprieve from the cold and dreary Chicago winters, my husband and I instantly fell in love with the red rocks of Snow Canyon. Since becoming a trail steward several years ago, I have met people from all over the world in the park. As a professional horticulturist, learning the desert flora has been a fun challenge. My personal goal is to educate visitors not only about the park resources, but how they can join us in preserving this special place.
Isabelle Kalantzes

Isabelle Kalantzes - found her way to St. George in 2011 after vacationing for several years in the area with her husband, George. They were drawn to the region for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities and vast desert landscapes. An avid hiker, photographer and yoga practitioner, she continues to be grateful for everyday spent among the beautiful red rocks. Isabelle is honored to serve as a board member and to assist in helping to continue the Park's mission to preserve and protect it for current and future generations. 

Ellen Nathan

Ellen Nathan - came upon the beauty of Snow Canyon State Park in August 1995 while looking for land in Ivins. Many days were spent walking the trails of Snow Canyon State Park. Ellen found that she was continually amazed at the different features that the park has to offer. Ellen's professional background in management is an asset to the board at Friends of Snow Canyon and she can think of no better place to volunteer.

Barry Neff
Barry Neff - moved to Ivins, UT with his wife Linda from the Chicago area. Having visited the area many times they settled here permanently in 2012. They enjoy motorcycle riding while enjoying the wonderful roads and scenery of the southwest.  When close to home they enjoy hiking  the beautiful trails of Snow Canyon. With a background in IT management, data collection and insurance, Barry brings a welcome skill set to the board. He is already a "Friend" of Snow Canyon.
Sandy Nelson
Sandy Nelson - After working for a large nonprofit assisting other nonprofits for many years in Sonoma County, CA, Sandy is pleased to serve as a volunteer board member for Friends of Snow Canyon.  Always an outdoor person with a love of nature, she enjoys helping Friends in all respects as we endeavor to protect and preserve the park for generations to come.
George Otott

George Otott - retired to Ivins from Southern California with his wife Denise in 2017 following a career in geology, engineering, and management.  Over the years they passed through southwestern Utah many times with their children to camp in National Parks and wilderness areas throughout the western U.S.  In retirement they enjoy jeeping and hiking in the spectacular color country, canyonlands and mountains of Utah which lies in the geological province known as the Colorado Plateau. George’s passion is studying the region’s geological history and rock formations, including the Navajo Sandstone splendidly showcased in Snow Canyon State Park.