Photo Contest Winners

Friends of Snow Canyon is happy to announce the winners of the Critters in the Canyon Photo Contest. The selection process was challenging as we received many engaging critter photos representing a wide representation of Critters in Snow Canyon.  Many thanks to all those who submitted photos. Check back soon for a new addition to our website: Critters. Keep your phones and cameras handy! We welcome new additions to help our Critter’s page grow. Send images via email to with the subject line: Critters.  Photos submitted to the contest and others will be used in that page and will bear credit to the photographer. In addition, photos will be used in our social media, email campaigns, brochures and annual report. Now the winners! 

First Place – Mike Van Cantfort

Road Runner with Lizard Catch

Second Place Winner – Colin J McMechan







Third Place Winner – Bob and Barbara Pringle

Walking Gila Monster

Honorable Mention – Don Hite

Too Hot to Hop

Honorable Mention – Lincoln and Jackie

Tortoise Closeup